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When I first see kiwi, I ask my mom why is this fruit so hairy? On the outer, it sometimes looks like a hairy monkey when I cut it open I am surprised with this green color fruit. I guess my mom is bad to choose kiwi, whenever I have them it is sour thus I hated it so much when I’m young.

During a trip to a kiwi farm, I tasted my very first sweet kiwi. And I discover it is the only fruit that contains vitamin E. Not only does it contain vitamin E, but a serving contains more than your daily requirement of vitamin C.  Kiwi also contains potassium, so if you don’t like bananas you give kiwi a try instead.  The kiwi contains actinidain, which is a protein-dissolving enzyme like the bromelain in pineapple.  If you’ve had a heavy meal containing meat, you might accompany or follow that meal with kiwi to help your body digest all of that protein.

xoxo, Joe

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