Hong Kong TRAVEL

A weekend in Hong Kong

Last March weekend I travelled to Hong Kong, to visit friends, and to just get out of the humid city for a while. I spent my short stay with Shan whom I hadn’t spent quality time for almost a year since she relocated. It did not feel like any time had passed, nor that we were reuniting on the other side of the world. It was a busy weekend for her but I appreciate that she gave me all the time she got. She brought me from cafe to street shopping also local food-hopping since it was my first time. I also spent a day each with Sophia and Daisy and leaving the city after these 4 days wasn’t easy at all. It definitely changes my perceptive of Hong Kong within 84 hours.

Day 2 - Morning
Day 2 - Afternoon

It was still cold and gloomy in late March but for those who know it, I’m definitely the person who enjoyed the cooling weather. I hate hot and humid therefore I have been thinking to relocate from Singapore. Thanks to the cooling weather I got this lovely coral jacket from Mongkok during the post-winter hunt shopping with Shan. It definitely was the best buy I ever got.

Day 3 - Morning

It is definitely a long post to share which I had summarised it. I decided to do a visual journal this time. for those who are interested in knowing more, I hope I could share more in details maybe during my second trip to Hong Kong! Anything please ask ahead, I’m happy to answer them!

xoxo, Angela

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