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  • Japan TRAVEL

    Tsukiji Fish Market | Tokyo

    One of our favourite activity we like to do when visiting a country is to make a trip down too their local market. We are somewhat impressed by our trip to…

  • RECIPES Weekend Brunch

    Dan Dan Noodles

    Dan dan Noodles (担担面, dan dan mian) is one of the most famous of Sichuan street foods. The freshly boiled egg noodles are served in a savory, spicy broth topped with…

  • Japan TRAVEL

    Kotonoha by Syoka | Nara

    Before heading to Tokyo we when for a day trip to Nara. Apart from the deer from the park, there are lots of interesting restaurant, cafes, and shops around the area.…

  • Moodboard

    Scream Yeh! Halloween’s ideas

    Just one more week to Halloween, although currently we are at Melbourne we couldn’t stop the festival fever. Therefore, we decided to do a collage of some of the recipes we…

  • Moodboard

    Mood Board | Valentine

    Some might hate Valentine, hence it’s also someday special for many others. For me is another day of making my love ones around feel in love again. However, I must say…