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    A Day in London what to do | London

    A day in London could be satisfying without spending many pounds with friends. I recalled that it was a perfect Sunday – it one of my favourite day during my trip to…


    Natural History Museum | London

    When we talk about London, one of their highlights would be their museums.  Most of them are free entry and it is the place you want to visit if you are…


    St Paul Cathedral | London

    Every country I been to, I definitely would visit the local churches and train stations. I love places like these – sites I could squat for long hours and find myself…


    Brixton | London

    The first time I’ve come across Brixton was through a crime scene mentioned from Sherlock, the same title BBC drama. Following by, a group of lovely residences that lived in London. As well as…


    Brighton | East Sussex

    Continued from the previous post – Day trip to Seven Sisters Cliff. We took an express bus from Eastbourne down all the way to Brighton. The trip was about an hour…