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    No. 4 | Our Resolution for 2018

    We notice plans never work out all the time without we strive to achieve our best self. Every year we have a set of commitments to remind ourselves to become a…

  • DESIGN The Moon's Insight

    Goodbye, Spring

    Goodbye, Spring Spring is coming to an end soon, and I already miss it so much. Misses all the picnic and high tea session with my girlfriend. All the beautiful and…

  • Moodboard

    Mood Board | Golden Lime

    Today’s color trend is a fun lime green tone with a strong vintage vibe. Some might call it a chartreuse but Pantone calls it ‘Golden Lime’. This color fits in perfectly…

  • Moodboard

    Mood Board | Flame

    Pantone, Flame “a gregarious and fun-loving” orange color. So we came up with some playful ideas to help you celebrate your quirky side using this great color. Something about this vibrant hue gave…

  • Moodboard

    Mood Board | Lapis Blue

    Lapis Blue and Flame – that we mention in the previous are full of vibrant energy and life, while staying true to Pantone’s overall Spring 2017 theme of natural colors. We all…